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JMHSAA Senior Award Winners, 2019

JMHSAA Senior Award Winners, 2019

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By Michael Grossman, ‘54

We all pay taxes at every level of government.  A substantial portion of our tax "contribution" funds public education.  So why should a tax payer even consider donating an additional penny to a public school?

Let's revisit part of the Mission Statement of the Alumni Association.  "... to support and enhance the educational opportunities of current and future students." How is an Alumni Association enhancement different from the support provided through tax revenue? 

We must recognize that tax revenues and other allotments filter through a morass of mandates, labor contracts, competing bureaucracies, political pressures and legal restrictions, before a school principal is assigned a budget and an opportunity to create what will hopefully be a meaningful educational experience. Unfortunately, most schools are barely able to maintain the status quo, and all too often, principals must decide which worthwhile activities to cut.

In contrast The James Madison High School Alumni Association is a non-profit, tax-exempt, non-governmental, unencumbered organization that has the ability and the motivation to provide facilities, equipment and services directly to the school and the students. Great care is taken to work closely with the principal to prioritize the needs that we intend to alleviate.

Our efforts are not designed to absolve the governmental educational structures from their inability to pare down bloated administrative loads, in order to allow more discretionary funds to be applied at the school level, nor do we think it prudent to apply funds to reduce the Board of Education's responsibility to provide for the ongoing operation and staffing of the school.

We do recognize, however, that there are enhancements that will probably never be provided through "channels," and others that
will be obsolete by the time they reach future generations of Madison students.  It is in this regard, that in recent years, the Alumni Association has provided buses for college visits, white boards, smart boards, science equipment, scholarships, uniforms, scoreboards, etc. 


Occasionally, the Board of Education does get something right.  A case in point is the recent appointment of Jodie Cohen as Principal of James Madison High School.  Jodie was a Madison student, and later served as a teacher and assistant principal at the school.  From these sustained perspectives, she remains in touch with the needs of students, staff, parents, and the neighboring community.  As a member of our Board of Directors, her insights are invaluable for the most effective targeting of areas best served by our assistance.  We can hope that these efforts will continue to maintain a conduit for the interaction among the many generations of James Madison alumni.

The Alumni Association raises funds through dues, donations, group events, and sales of hats and t-shirts. The semi-annual Newsletter, e-mail from class representatives and the websites keep all interested parties in touch with current programs, and news of past acquaintances.  

Except for one over-worked, underpaid administrator, the Alumni Association operates through the efforts of members who serve voluntarily on various committees and assist with special events.

We invite all James Madison alumni to enjoy memories of our common (extraordinary) educational experience.  We also hope that current and future students will profit from the generosity of their loyal "ancestors."

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Thank you and much appreciation.