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The James Madison Alumni Association inaugurated the Wall of Distinction in 2001 to honor Madisonians who have made an impact on our society. Every two years we elect several outstanding alumni and install plaques inscribed with their picture, class, and area of expertise on the Wall, located at the entrance to the auditorium. At a Sunday afternoon program, the inductees speak about their days at Madison, and teachers and friends who influenced their lives are remembered with great poignancy. It has also become a social event, as alums connect with old classmates and former teachers. This event has continued to grow, with about 450 attending in 2010.

In addition to honoring the school and its alumni, the Wall has also become a popular attraction for both Madison students and visitors.

Wall Nomination Form
Please feel free to download the Wall Nomination Form to nominate alumni who are accomplished in their fields and serve as prime representatives of the success of James Madison High School.

Announcing our Wall Honorees for 2018
Norma Golsin Zarky* 1933 Attorney/Political Activist
Buddy Kaye* 1935 Songwriter/Grammy Winner
Donald Seldin 1936 Medicine
Irwin “Sonny” Fox 1942 Entertainer
Martin Landau* 1946 Academy Award Winning Actor
Dr. Sylvia Kleiman Fields 1950 Nurse/Teacher/Author
Dr. Leslie Libow 1950 Medicine
Dr. Charles Debrovner 1953 Medicine/Bioethics Founder
Dr. Richard Gitlin 1959 Engineer/Inventor
Dr. Kenneth Glassberg 1960 Medicine
Dr. Jeffrey Gordon 1966 Scientist
Dr. Howard Pollack 1969 Musicologist
Laura Numeroff 1971 Author
Dr. Robert Meadows 1980 Army Lt. Col.(ret) Physician

Below are the Madisonians elected to the Wall.

Garson Kanin* '27 Writer, Producer, Director
Barry Commoner* '33 Environmentalist
Martin Glickman * '35 Olympian, Broadcaster
Stanley H. Kaplan* '35 Educator
Dr. Robert Solow '40 Nobel Prize - Economics
Ruth Bader Ginsburg '50 United States Supreme Court Justice
Sandra Feldman* '56 President, American Federation of Teachers
Charles Schumer '67 United States Senator (N.Y.)
Sylvia Feldman Porter* '30 Financial Journalist
Dr. Stanley Cohen '39 Nobel Prize - Medicine
Stephen Schwebel '46 President - World Court
Frank Torre '50 Professional Baseball Player
Bruce Morrow '53 Radio Personality "Cousin Brucie"
Dr. Samuel Thier '53 College President, Medical Executive
Jane Brody '58 Health Journalist
Irwin (Shamforoff) Shaw* '29 Playwright/Author
Marvin Miller* '33 Baseball Labor Executive
Andrew (Fuzzy) Levane* '40 Professional Basketball Player/Coach
Dr. Martin Perl* '41 Nobel Prize - Physics
Stanley Karnow* '41 Journalist/Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author
Claire (Kantoff) Schulman '42 Queens Borough President
Esther (Rudomin) Hautzig* '51 Author/Humanist
Carole (Klein) King '58 Writer/Singer/ Producer
Daniel Suhr * '82 Madison Athlete/Firefighter
William Gaines* '39 Publisher, Mad Magazine
Elaine Malbin '48 Opera Star
Dr. Gary Becker '48 Nobel Prize - Economics
Lawrence Kasha * '50 Producer/Director/Playwright
Dr. John Robbins '50 Molecular Biologist
Lawrence Zicklin '53 Financial Executive/Philanthropist
Rudy LaRusso * '55 Professional Basketball Player
Stephen Trachtenberg '55 College President
Barry Mann '56 Songwriter
Norman Coleman '66 United States Senator (Minn.)
Harry Eisenstat* '35 Professional Baseball Player
Beverly Stoll Pepper '39 Sculptor
Paul L. Krinsky '46 Rear Admiral (Ret), Superintendent United States Merchant Marine Academy
Dr. Robert Haselkorn '52 Professor - Genetics/Biology
Alfred Kasha '54 Songwriter/Producer/Academy Award Winner
Sidney Ganis '57 Movie Executive/President, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Bernard Sanders '59 United States Senator (Vt.)
Harry Boatswain* '87 Professional Football Player
Cal Abrams* '42 Professional Baseball Player
Herbert Okun* '47 Diplomat, UN Ambassador
Maury Allen* '49 Sports Journalist
Dr. Ronald Dubner '51 Pain Management Pioneer
Dr. Robert Dallek '52 Historian, Professor
Deborah Tobias Poritz '54 Chief Justice, N.J. Supreme Court.
Joel Zwick '58 Director - TV/Film/Theater
Judith Blum Sheindlin '60 Judge/TV Personality "Judge Judy"
Professor Donald Keene '39 Japanese Scholar
Rae Salit Marcus* '41 Educator
Sybil Schwartz Shainwald '45 Activist  Attorney
Arnold Kopelson '52 Academy Award Winning Movie Producer
Dr. Stephen Goldfinger '52 Renaissance Physician
Professor Martin Sherwin '55 Historian-Pulitzer Prize Winner
Ronald Carner '57 President, Maccabi USA/Sports For Israel
Barry Cozier '68 Judge
Dr. Herbert Abrams ’37 Developer of Coronary Angiography
Ellen Reiss Hoyt ’51 Artist/ Environmentalist
Ira Silverman ’53 Investigative Journalist, TV News Producer
Dr. Stanley Goldsmith ’54 Developer of Nuclear Medicine
Stephen Verona   ‘58 Music Video Pioneer, Artist, Filmmaker
Eli Segal* ’60 Presidential Advisor, Founder of Americorps
Maury Chaykin* ’67 Actor
Dr. Larry Weinstein ’71 Humanitarian Physician
Sonny Werblin* '27 Sports Entrepeneur
Howard Koslow* '42 Artist
Lucille Weckstein Plotz* '43 Botanist
Patricia Bruder Debrovner '54 Actress
Larry Hite '59 Financier/Philanthropist
Barry Simon '62 Mathematician/Physicist
Arthur Schwartz '64 Food Critic
Wendy Trozzi Libby '68 College President
Roger Schulman '76 Screenwriter/Producer



2016 Honorees
Wendy Trozzi Libby, Larry Hite, Patricia Bruder Debrovner, Arthur Schwartz, Lucille Weckstein Plotz, Barry Simon

2014 Honorees
Ira Silverman, Herb Abrams, Principal Jodie Cohen, Larry Weinstein, Ellen Hoyt, Stanley Goldsmith, Stephen Verona

2012 Honorees
Martin Sherwin, Arnold Kopelson, Steve Goldfinger, Sybil Shainwald, Barry Cozier, Ron Carner.

2010 Honorees
Top Row: Ronald Dubner, Joel Zwick, Herbert Okun, Robert Dallek. Bottom row: Judith Sheindlin, Mrs. Cal Abrams, Deborah Poritz

2008 Honorees
Sid Ganis '57; Paul Krinsky '46; Robert Haselkorn '52; Bernie Sanders '59












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